is established by Dr. Johnny K.P. Chan

who specializes in providing psychological treatment and testing


We aim to help our clients

Increase self-understanding

Deal with emotional difficulties

Resolve internal conflicts

Renew interpersonal relationships

Develop individual potential

Enhance team building

so that they can fully realize their potential

and attain a better quality of life

at home, at work, and in the community


We offer

Individual psychological mental personality, therapy

Pre-marital, marital, extra marital and family therapy

Psychological testing and assessment on mental,
personality, marriage and family relationships

Child and adolescent IQ assessment and psychotherapy

Chinese TJTA Distributor

Play therapy for children

Counseling for the chronically and terminally ill

Grief and bereavement counseling

Group therapy

Supervision and training to mental health professionals

Seminars and workshops on various topics
(such as: parenting, social skills, marriage enrichment,
stress management, personal growth, conflict resolution, etc.)



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